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Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990) is one of the most significant Polish artists of the twentieth century. A painter and theatre director, Kantor was a pioneer among the artists of the 1960s avant garde in Europe. Alongside his work as a visual artist he was also a theater reformer, attaining world renown in the 1970s with the traveling theater group Cricot 2 from Krakow, Poland. Today Kantor is often cited as an inspiration by artists interested in his performative approach to contemporary art.


Maria Stangret/Bogdan Korczowski

"Tadeusz Kantor et après..."

Collegiale St-Pierre-Le-Puellier Orleans

novembre 2000

The catalogue accompanied an exhibition project “Kantor et après...” organised in Orléans from September till November 2000 in collaboration with Cricoteka, Galerie de France in Paris, and others. It consisted of 4 shows: “La Cricothèque”, “Kantor, l’autre scène: de la toile à la planche”, “À la frontière” ( Bruno Wagner) and “Maria Stangret / Bogdan Korczowski”. The publication contains, among others, introductory texts by Gaëla Le Grand and Lech Stangret, as well as photographs from the performances of Cricot 2 Theatre and reproductions of Tadeusz Kantor’s works. Publisher: The City of Orleans, 2000 Format: 210x270 No. of pages: 20 First Edition Paperback Language: French